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The long-awaited sequel to Fashionistas, the multi-award winning film by John Stagliano.Shot in High Definition.Also see the the movie that started it all, The Fashionistas.The sequel to 2003's multi-award winning film from John Stagliano. Shot in high-definition in Berlin, Las Vegas and Los Angeles over a 3-week period, the movie stars the most sexual girls in the adult business today. Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge (a.k.a. Fashionistas 2) focuses on Antonio (Rocco) and Jesse (Belladonna) after they take command of the Fashionistas company. They receive a message from a mysterious man in Berlin who tests Antonio's loyalty to Jesse and challenges his sexual strength. Visually stunning and sexually amazing, featuring a 14-person orgy, and with a music score worthy of a mainstream release, Fashionistas 2 will be followed by Fashionistas Safado: Berlin in January 2007.Click here to watch a clip from the movie.For more info visit:


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Best scenes of all time
2017-08-03 07:12
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goddam the whores arent the same anymore
2018-07-05 19:37
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I'd sell my soul to do that for a living
2017-07-29 05:01
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