Whitney Peer Pressured: Fuck & Cum Facial

  • 09-28-2019 |
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Tenants #02

Property owner Michael Vegas is irate with Whitney Wright and her lazy roommates. The young, dark-haired hottie hasn't paid rent in three months, and she avoids Michael's calls. He confronts her in person, and when it seems that Whitney has no money to offer, he offers one final option: Michael peer pressures her, saying he'll kick her out of her house unless she agrees to a hot fuck session. Whitney gives a timid blowjob and then climbs nervously onto the bed. Michael humiliates her through a harsh cunt pounding, and he startles Whitney with a nasty cum facial.

Directed by Kevin Moore

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needs anal, and pov is bullshit
2020-04-09 12:13
scene is too washed out in color. way too bright with all the white background. and bright lighting. sometimes the body of her was barely stands out from the surrounding background it was so washed out . see this a lot in scenes these days and have no idea what the directors are thinking this is ok to release.
2019-11-06 09:13
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