Chanel's Oily Gaping Interracial Anal

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Directed by Bryan Gozzling
Description : Innocent-faced ebony hottie Chanel Skye is excited to expand her asshole with dominant Bryan Gozzling's fat cock. He puts clamps on the black beauty's nipples and she turns around to reveal a butt plug lodged up her ass! Bryan douses her body in oil and shoves his fingers in her pussy for some serious twat teasing. Submissive Chanel winks her bunghole and sticks her tongue out for, ready to give a deepthroat blowjob. She moans orgasmically as Bryan stuffs his cock up her tight rectum. Amazing anal gaping and a gagging, ass-to-mouth blowjob lead to in a glistening cum facial.

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If it wasn't for this guy being the only director that shot African American women I wouldn't give him the time of day. He's a dork. The black women he shoots are amazing. More black women I'm sick of the same old stuff on here when it comes to talent.
2019-03-06 16:47
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love the oil pouring out of her ass! very nice, need to see more scenes like this on EA
2019-02-28 05:54
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Please more Black women content! Balance it out damn
2019-02-27 22:42
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Wish I could upvote this comment a thousand more times.
2019-02-28 14:25
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For real what the fuck
2019-02-28 17:24
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I agree there should be more busty young 'black' babes on EA.
2019-03-04 14:38
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Please give us a lot more of her.
2019-02-27 22:29
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finly this guy did something worth wackin too
2019-02-27 21:52
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