MILF's Anal Workout & Pussy Creampie

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From Movie: Ass Workout #03
Directed by Maestro Claudio
Description : Big-assed MILF Texas Patti strips out of her bodysuit and poses in a scanty fishnet bikini. This dark-haired, busty slut needs a vigorous anal workout with Mick Blue's huge dick! Patti masturbates to orgasm using a vibrating wand, gives the well-hung director a wet, POV-style blowjob, and squeezes his fat prick into the cleavage between her boobs. Mick loosens her anus with various toys and buries his giant cock way up her rectum. The stud drills Patti's greasy booty and then switches holes to bust a creampie nut inside her pussy.

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She displays a natural talent while filming surprisingly. Texas dialogues with the cameras through your eye contact. She's an actress by nature.
2018-07-01 13:46
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Porn is Art
It's nice to see a porn star taking a hard and fast fuck in the ass and loving it. Most of girls who enjoy anal sex seem to like to be fucked this way, specially in doggy style, with amazing reactions. Don't know why directors don't do it too much. Camera angles are also great, as usual. Waiting for someone who dares to dislike this update...
2018-07-01 01:59
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OMG! Whose idea was it to dress Texas Patti in that white suit? She will set of smoke alarms all over the place. And that ass. So love to see it getting fucked long and hard. Keep is going Evil. Texas Pattis is hot as fuck.
2018-06-24 19:43
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Agreed, that body suit is HOT AF! And that ass is the real deal man! Can't wait for this scene to drop so I can watch her ass get fucked good and proper!
2018-06-29 20:27
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