Long-Tongue Latina Alina: BJ, Creampie

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From Movie: POV Creampies
Directed by Jonni Darkko
Description : Glam Latina-American Alina Lopez sports black lace lingerie, seamed stockings and heels. She's got long legs, natural tits and a pretty face with an extraordinarily long tongue. Alina attempts to deep-throat director Jonni Darkko's dick, and his camera captures her amazing tongue playing slick tricks with his cock head. She masturbates as he fucks her shaved pussy, which gapes to show pink innards. He slam-fucks her till he's breathless. They fuck in multiple positions and she climbs on top for 69. Bondage gear restrains her for more fucking, till Jonni scoops thick creampie goop from her cunt. He shoots sperm in her eye and on that long tongue; an instant replay shows the cum facial in slow motion. Scene lasts 80 minutes!

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Please don't insult us with fake creampies, we're not stupid. If your not going to do a real creampie, then don't do it, don't pretend like you are. It's boring as fuck.
2018-09-20 04:13
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damn she got a phenomenal tongue
2018-07-04 11:50
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Definitely, this was a great scene. The photograph allied to Alina's performance - with her majestic tongue and piercing look - raised the quality to the maximum. Congratulations on the improvements that bring the gonzo filmography - when there are girls.
2018-07-02 22:10
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Him again
I suspect a major contribution to the improved film quality is  this 'massive'  file. If EA read this, please encode to a higher resolution like some other online studios like J J. Not all of us will continue to help fund EA trash, like Nacho or BAM studios.
2018-07-03 04:35
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Go to the movie's main page. You can right click and open in new tab.
There the length of each scene is listed.
There is actually no point in higher resolution than 1080p for those who sit at normal distances from their monitors. The important factors are encoding method and what bitrate, file size per second, they choose. And what camera is being used of course.
2018-07-04 08:02
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Him again
Thanks for the info.
2018-07-04 11:50
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