Candice's Anal Workout & Cunt Creampie

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From Movie: Ass Workout #03
Directed by Maestro Claudio
Description : In her revealing workout onesie and leg warmers, all-natural blonde Candice Dare warms up for a nasty anal workout with director/stud Mick Blue. She oils up her big, beautiful rump, jiggles her magnificent buttocks and masturbates to orgasm. Candice kneels to suck Mick's gigantic cock and balls. With a butt plug stretching her anus, Candice takes a doggie-style fuck. Soon Mick bangs her huge booty as she rubs her bald pussy. This anal workout leaves Candice's ass satisfied; Mick leaves a creampie in her pussy.

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Thank goodness for the 'mute' button.
2018-07-20 13:17
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Look at the way the camera angles in on her body.  You only get to see her asshole and her face.  that's it.  The rest of her body is removed from view pretty much the entire time.   Your films are a joke Mick.   Absolutely worthless.  Absolutely no fun.  A waste of time.   You're an Adriano copy cat.
2018-07-13 20:21
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Absolutely no fun you say. Lolz... Sure looked fun when her oily ass was bouncing up and down on cock. take a chill pill buddy. Wow!
2018-07-14 23:38
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This kind of intros clips, are BEST! @KIMOSABEE
2018-07-03 14:26
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one of the best booties in the business!!!
2018-06-29 20:33
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That's what I'm talking about! Gotta love Candice's perfect ass getting pounded!
2018-06-29 20:22
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I can only agree with the other comments : what a hot girl with a beautiful fat ass. Those slutty eyes are killing me. Loved the creampie, if only there was a second girl to lick that clean :)
2018-06-29 03:40
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OMG!!!...Candice looks insanely hot with that outfit, love her curvaceous body, she looks very delicious!!!.
2018-06-29 01:52
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Porn is Art
I love Candice's body. It's so good to see a hot girl taking a cunt creampie.
2018-06-29 01:42
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