Gaping Ariana's 3-Hole Fuck

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From Movie: First Class Anal
Directed by Jessy Jones
Description : Petite, young Ariana Marie poses in lacy lingerie, fishnets and heels. The brown-eyed doll spreads her shaved-bald twat and butthole. Stud/director Jessy Jones eats and fingers her orifices, his thick cock pointing from the fly in his jeans. Ariana rides his big boner, pumping up and down. On a white leather couch, Jessy stuffs his fat prick up her tight, little asshole for some sidesaddle buttfucking. She masturbates with manicured fingers as she's sodomized. 'I want to taste my asshole,' says Ariana, so Jessy pulls out, and the little slut gets her taste ass-to-mouth. Jessy tongues her winking, gaping bunghole. After more butt reaming with Ariana's legs cranked back, Jessy blows thick jism on her pussy, asshole and in her mouth. She sucks his meat clean.

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I love this Director, he understands visual foreplay. Closeup of the face, titties, pussy and most importantly, asshole prior to anal play. I have to go back and look at his previous work.
2018-06-04 09:24
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he is new to directing.
2018-06-04 17:27
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Porn is Art
Ariana is so lovely. She's cute even while takes a big dick in the asshole.
2018-06-04 02:56
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Anal Junky1
Fuck yeah man new anal director!!! sweeeet
2018-05-25 22:25
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