Latina Monica: Face-Down-Ass-Up Anal!

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From Movie: Anal Brats #05
Directed by Le Wood
Description : Curvy Latina Monica Sage teases and dances, flaunting her thick rump and meaty, natural tits. The dirty-talking cutie moans as director Mark Wood munches her wet twat, and she gushes slobber in a furious face fuck. The perverted stud slam-fucks her tight slit and then bends Monica over to slowly penetrate her sphincter. Face down and ass up, Monica flaunts her gaping bunghole. She gags as she crudely sucks Mark's boner ass-to-mouth. A vulgar session of choking head and hardcore sodomy features nasty rimming and a creamy facial climax.

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Get this girl back, she got into the dirty slut, hot for cock, routine very naturally. Also maybe we need to take some girls  off the armrest on to the seat, to catch those hot missionary gapes with legs in the air, as they seem to over-balance on that narrow ledge . Lastly the piledriver position is sadly missing now in a lot of anal scenes because piledriving  with gaping is super hot.
2018-10-23 09:15
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Why does he shoot in midday sun without a diffuser? Deep shadows are distracting.
2018-06-04 09:35
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She is absolutely an amazing sexy "bad" girl.
2018-06-04 08:35
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ahh, least one nice shaved pussy - I love it in this hot anal video(s)
2018-06-01 17:13
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