'Virgin' Bride (Party Slut) Blackmail

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Directed by Kevin Moore
Description : Gorgeous, young Jaye Summers has been a fun loving party slut just weeks before wedding a rich guy that thinks she's a virgin! Her fiance's brother, Xander Corvus, blackmails the tanned, brown-eyed natural beauty into a dangerous sexual tryst. Creepy Xander makes her say filthy things. Jaye kneels to suck his cock, nearly getting caught by her fiance. Xander eats and fucks Jaye's shaved, pierced snatch, and she sucks dick pussy-to-mouth. With her betrothed in the next room, a doggie-style fuck and a finger up the ass make Jaye moan. He makes her beg for a butt fuck, and she masturbates as she's sodomized. Xander blows a big wad on the blushing bride's face.


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1 comment

If you look at the pictures (and scene) it absolutely encapsulates your (lack of) mentality when it comes to filming porn.And I'm talking to ALL the directors here. 99% of the pictures (and scene) are of 1/3 of the girls body! I could care less what your sexual preference is, but this is a "straight" porn site! So it would be nice to actually see the girls WHOLE body IN FULL FRAME more than just EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE!!! Why even put the girls in sexy clothes if you're only going to show once piece of them at a time! I apologize, I know these are tough questions for you. No need to answer back ;)
2017-09-08 01:21
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