Victoria Pure: Aggressive Anal Seductress

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Victoria Pure: Aggressive Anal Seductress

In red lingerie and heels, slender, natural-bodied Victoria Pure writes in her diary about her plan to seduce neighbor Erik Everhard. As the pouting, green-eyed Euro blonde masturbates with manicured fingers, Erik follows a trail of panties from the elevator to Victoria's front door. The aggressive slut strips, rips down his jeans and sucks his fat cock with thick BJ lips. He eats and fingers her bald pussy and they share tasty tongue kisses. Victoria rides Erik's meat, her cheeks snapping and humping. He slams her snatch, slaps her face and grips her head for a mouth fuck. Erik rims and then reams her ass; he spreads her bouncy butt to spit in her gaping anus. He lifts her bodily for a carry-fuck; vigorous anal plowing comes in multiple, skin-slapping positions as Victoria howls. She swallows the semen spewed onto her outstretched tongue.

Directed by Erik Everhard

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Super Analvideo und super Analgapes. Victoria zeigt wie schön ein Arschloch sein kann. Wow !
2018-11-04 16:25
Anal Junky1
i love victoria she is fucken hot shit!
2018-08-08 18:15
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