Vanessa Sky's First Anal Scene!

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Directed by Mike Adriano
Description : Stunning Latina newcummer Vanessa Sky is a sweet, pouty slut with small, natural boobs and a big ol' booty just perfect for Mike Adriano's giant cock. After lewdly fingering her own asshole, Vanessa sucks the director's huge boner, bobbing her pretty face on his pole; she laps at Mike's balls and rims his anus. Young Vanessa stretches her sphincter using a fat butt plug, and Mike plunges his massive dick inside for her very first on-camera butt fuck! The beautiful anal rookie takes a fierce backdoor reaming and sucks cock ass-to-mouth.


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Holy Fuck, she is so damn hot. I can't believe Mike passed up eating her ass. I'd devour her asshole even after he pounded her. There is nothing better for me than eating an ass after it is gaping wide open.
2017-11-16 13:11
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Yet another beautiful shit hole spared. Scene without mike liking asshole is just a waste. I'm disappointed.
2017-10-31 17:51
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the people that thumbs downed this scene must be gay males!
2017-10-10 16:55
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I want lesbian scat, shit videos. Please
2017-09-17 15:51
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MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
2017-09-11 13:10
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Mike is the anal scene king! i love how he uses the gloves to gape the assholes in ways he couldnt do without them.  proof that Mike is the king; he almost always has more likes than any other director.
2017-09-02 23:30
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Of ALL the girls' assholes Mike eats out, he skips THIS ONE??? Baffling, that. Otherwise, excellent scene though. Jesus Christ this little bitch is hot.
2017-08-25 00:35
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This guy does so much anal that he should qualify for an honorary proctologist degree!
2017-08-06 00:16
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Johnny Shaman
Vanessa Sky! Please book Her for more scenes! She is Gorgeous and def a Five Star Top Tier Adult Performer! She owned me in this scene! Many Thanks Vanessa Sky & Mike Adriano!
2017-08-05 21:44
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The girl is delicious, but Mike really sucked in this one. Dude, she is asking you to fuck harder and go deep in her ass the whole time, and you just can't perform.  And you make it less about fucking, and more about a lab experiment to gape her. Enough of that already. Such a great opportunity lost on an amazing girl with a killer ass. If you can't fuck her without cumming early, get some one else to do it. Dissappointing shit!! 
2017-08-03 19:28
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Totally agree.  Mike totally sucks as a performer these days.  He can't even f**k a girl continuously for more than a minute at a time without having to pull out so he doesn't blow his "load".  And his fake "oral creampies" are pathetic.
2017-08-04 07:04
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