Teen Tart + 68YO GILF: Sick Anal 3-Way

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Directed by Rocco Siffredi
Description : Adorable Lithuanian teen Swabery is brand new to porn. Rocco Siffredi introduces her to blonde, 68-year-old GILF Zsu, making Swabery's casting couch audition a twisted, intergenerational encounter! The starry-eyed sweetheart slurps Rocco's huge rod while Zsu eats her pussy. When John Price steps in to plow her asshole, Swabery rims the elderly woman's bunghole. After John cums on the ladies' faces, Rocco treats Swabery to an intense anal fuck. Her depraved porn tryout features ass-to-mouth fellatio, multiple facials and a cum-kissing climax.

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Need more like this please get Rita Daniels and sally D'Angelo they both are hot and they do anal even IR anal
2019-01-30 01:31
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Love seeing older women doing porn. But much prefer the ones that can really take a fucking like it's no thing. Zsu was having a hard time handling that guy cock. With a few exception. I find that most older mature woman have a hard time handling a big cock. Nice effort anyway.
2018-12-13 16:58
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what an annoying cameraman!
2018-11-23 23:04
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Never watched all of it, felt sorry for the old girl to be honest, probably been a Hungarian porn star in the 1970s and now just doing a one off to raise enough to buy the grand kids shoes! Just seemed a bit sad to me. Luv to fuck the young one up the arse though! ;)
2018-09-26 20:53
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The only point that I can see in this is that it shows that Rocco can get it hard pretty much irrespective of the state of the woman he is faced with - which is an achievement of sorts.  But not one I want to watch.
2018-08-01 02:20
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Well said;bravo.
2018-08-08 12:06
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Hahahaha can't even fap to this I was laughing so hard, this a very nice scene well played Rocco
2018-07-31 18:27
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Swabery is fantastic. Great to see EA have this lovely lady onboard. Hope to see next video soon with another "well known" star!
2018-07-31 11:48
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Amazing, both women. But especially Strawberry
2018-07-30 03:17
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