Squirting Latina Gina: Anal Pool Party

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From Movie: Summer Sluts #02
Directed by Aiden Riley
Description : Young Latina beauty Gina Valentina and tattooed stud Small Hands have a private, Polynesian-themed summer pool party. Wearing garlands of tropical flowers, the lovers splash about in the water. Mr. Hands fucks the all-natural babe and lets her suck his big cock. In the bedroom, the stud slides his meat up her tight rectum. She lewdly sucks his dick ass-to-mouth. Gina masturbates to a squirting climax that she laps off the floor! After a passionate anal lovemaking session, he cums on Gina's pretty face.

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1 comment

good video but the lighting was weird.
2018-08-26 16:23
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You seem surprised. Many of Aiden's scenes have incorrect lighting.
2018-08-28 15:48
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Easy enough fix at that - drop the highlights and exposure half a stop, up the contrast a bit. With cameras these days, there's really no excuse not to shoot an engaging look while still maintaining a gonzo vibe.
2018-08-30 01:15
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