Sophie's Interracial Anal BBC Choice

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From Movie: A Proper Mess
Directed by Angel Long
Description : Sophie Anderson is a nasty, foulmouthed English slut that loves extreme anal sex! After feasting on director Angel Long's cunt, the tattooed tramp treats Antonio Black's big black cock to a graphic, deep-throat blowjob. Slobber covers Sophie's face as the hung stud crams her cake hole, and Sophie's enormous jugs jounce as Antonio slam-fucks her sphincter. Raunchy interracial sodomy comes with crude, ass-to-mouth cocksucking, immense rectal gaping and deep pussy plowing. Sophie's makeup is already ruined when Antonio pumps a hot load into her open mouth, and the British bimbo swallows his spunk.

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100% awesome accent & performance from Sophie. EA needs more of her.
2018-11-13 13:32
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Sophie Anderson is a gift from the gods of porn. She is perfect. Too bad this scene has a dude that cannot properly shoot a load for her. Leaky mayo packet. Total disrespect to her beauty and sexiness. C'mon Angel...shoot her with a guy who can spray her face.
2018-11-07 22:15
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My God, very sexy accent. And beautiful pussy. Great performance of submissive girl.
2018-11-07 20:41
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