Rocco's Perfect Slaves #06, Scene #01

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Directed by Rocco Siffredi
Description : Pale, gorgeous schoolgirl Misha Cross is interested in the submissive activities she's been checking out on the Internet. So the sweet brunette asks older director Rocco Siffredi to educate her plump, young ass with his firm spanking hand! After reddening her soft ass cheeks, Rocco shoves his massive cock to the back of Misha's throat... Then tattooed blonde Kayla Green joins them for a nasty anal threesome of slapping, spitting, sodomy, rimming, cum eating and ass-to-mouth perversion!

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When Kayla approached I thought she was going to be dominant and dominate Misha. 5 mins later, Misha is spitting at Kayla's face, and shoving her ass and foot at Kayla. Love it
2019-03-04 04:51
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Look, you have in this scene two incredible and talented girls who are reference worldwide. I know that the production script involves simulating aggressions; but please, real and strong slaps on their faces are totally  unnecessary. EA is already of sufficient quality; you do not have to extrapolate to get views.
2018-09-06 11:47
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Misha , Misha, Misha.  more of her please!!!
2018-08-16 03:44
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I absuluy love EvilAngle i  double anal  guy
2018-04-05 02:15
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