Rocco Sex Analyst, Scene #04

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The ending to this scene is beyond asinine. To all directors- NOBODY, I mean NOBODY wants to see the male's face right before the popshot. That shit should have stopped 20 years ago. So that was ridiculous. Then, what are we doing with the camera position for the popshot? Is the camera guy kneeling down right in front of Rocco's dick, trying to get cum on the camera lens? Or is the camera man trying to get a facial? That is just a really lousy concept. It is a cuck view. Let's get the camera elevated over the girls' faces, and have the girls right next to each other, so that the shooter can spray both faces with ease. I know that this movie is old, but hopefully we don't see crap like this in the future.
2018-12-09 06:58
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Is this a Mistake!  A Rocco Movie, or any Movie for that matter with all the scenes released on the Same DAY!  I thought Christmas was NEXT Monday!!!
2017-12-19 22:36
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