Psychotic Anal Power Exchange

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Directed by John Stagliano
Description : Voluptuous Angela White, the bitchy breadwinner, orders skinny, radically tattooed Owen Gray to do the laundry. He spends the day sniffing soiled lingerie and masturbating, inflaming her domineering demeanor. The big-assed broad smothers him in panties, bras and massive, real jugs. Angela slaps and sucks his big boner and sits on his face. Owen rips open her hose to tongue bunghole, proving his mettle. Cheeks spanked pink, Angela says, 'Make that fucking asshole yours.' He chokes, slaps and screws her to wailing, blushing delirium. She submits to a howling butt fuck with ass-to-mouth flavor and face-sitting breath control. Severe sodomy, titty fucking and eating ass thrill her. Once he cums on her tongue, they kiss romantically.

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Owen has the perfect size cock for ALL holes! Rim the fuck outta him! Angela White is my sex heroine! If everyone got std testing and went home after, Damn that’s just in Porn! Great intensity from AW!
2018-01-08 14:37
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This was a great scene. I loved the acting and the build up. The directing was awesome, the performers were absolutely on point, Angela truly showed how good she is in this scene. Owen also gets credit for this scene. This scene should receive multiple awards. Then there's the comment  section. Dude! what the actual fuck! just wow!
2017-11-19 09:48
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katy perry phat ass
would love to smell her ass and her panties. more angela white please
2017-10-05 16:40
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Thanks for showing Owen Grey twitching after the cumshot!
2017-09-24 12:07
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I like Angela White. I don't like the tattooed creep fucking her.
2017-09-22 11:54
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super impressed with the anal divebombing.  I do not feel that manuever is  performed often enough in porn.
2017-08-08 01:15
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Angela White anal scene is good, but need to be more creative in future. This make her 2nd in this list for Psychotic Behavior. She need to give more creative performance in future like Abella Danger did. Marks for Angela White is 6/10. 
2017-07-31 03:47
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Excellent! More Angela White!!!
2017-07-29 06:05
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Best Stagliano scene in years, but you can do even better.  Please add much more of Angela White.  Things I love about her are her confidence, attitude, aggressive sexual appetite, kinkiness, dirty talk, dominance and natural looks.  This woman exudes pure sexuality and it goes to show that a woman doesn't need to be 20 years old and a size 1 to be incredibly arousing.  Angela, you're perfect without trying.  I'd love to see you in more Femdom roles.  I wish there was a director that would set an on-set atmosphere of real domination, not an act.  For Stagliano and other the directors, consider booking Angela for a Femdom role and having her pick from a list of men she's enjoy dominating.  Then, you the director, go to those performers and ask if they're up for the challenge, letting them know the selection process is competitive process and the performer should submit a 500 word or less essay to the director, that will be forwarded to Angela by a certain deadline.  The essay should explaining why they feel they're worthy of submitting to Angela and should be picked for the scene along with a brief description of their kinks, fetishes and hard limits.  Guidelines for submission of the essay also stipulate once the essay is signed and submitted, it expressly implies and binds the male performer to begin his submission to Angels prior to the scene, if he's contacted by Angela and she lets him know she'll grant him to honor of being in her upcoming scene or that she's selected him as a runner-up.  The arousal, excitement and sexual desire only begins at that point as Angela lets him know he's only passed the first hurdle and that she'll challenge him in the days or weeks before the scene with tasks or instructions that he'll have to follow in order to prove he's truly worthy of being her first pick.  Letting him know that if she's displeased or isn't getting a sense of arousal in the time leading up to the scene, that she reserves the right to drop that male performer and swap him for another at her whim, particularly if he fails to meet any of her expectations prior to the scene.  During that build up (could be days or even weeks), maybe Angela lets the male performer and runners-up know they're not allowed to jackoff or cum before the scene and that she owns their next orgasm.  So what if that means they can't do other scenes.  After all, there are plenty of there men lined up to work with Angel, so suck it up.  Maybe she expects them to improve their physical fitness or the scene.  Maybe she expects them to do kegel exercises to improve the firmness of their erections and the force of ejeculations.  Maybe she expects them to shave or have parts of his body waxed.  Maybe she expects them to eat certain foods while eliminating other types of food from his diet.  Maybe she expects him to submit a list of hard limits.  Maybe she lets them know they should never contact her before the scene, unless she specifically contacts them first and expects them to reply.  Replies should be prompt (within minutes), direct, honest and to her satisfaction or expect repercussions.  Maybe she expects the finalist to bring certain toys to set and address her a certain way.  Maybe she expects him to arrive early and remain in a closed room, away from her as she casually gets ready and in the mood at her leisure while she watches him on closed circuit TV.  Maybe intentionally making him wait much longer on the day of the scene, to build up anticipation.  Maybe she directs the director to have a fluffed girl or two get him all worked up before she even enters the room.   The girls mostly tease, caress and mind-fuck him by insinuating the things they've heard Angel might to him or suggestions they've given Angela and hope she'll make a reality while they masturbate nearby to his submission and humiliation under the dominance of Angela.  Hoping Angela might let them join in to really fuck with his mind and push him sexually within his limits.  Letting him know, the disclosure form he signed upon arrival at the set, binds him to be in the scene and submit or be subject to a much higher than normal cancelation fee.  Amplifying the mind fuck before the scene begins.  This kind of scene would be hot for the performers and viewers.  Directors, I challenge you to make this kind of scene happen or even a series of scenes.  I believe Aiden Starr, or Stagliano (based on this scene) could be the right directors.  Personally, I'd love it if Angela did a scene like this with Mike Adriano, but understandably, it seems like it's not the kind of scene he would be part of on camera, even though, I'll bet he'd jump at the chance off camera.  Another good male performer would be Winston Burbank.  BTW, this is the kind of scene where I hope the director would do plenty of pre-planning to make sure the set meets Angela's expectations.  Also, please use Mike Adriano's camera man.  That guy seems to be the best in the business.  He gets the best camera angles, close-ups, lighting, photos and sound.
2017-08-07 14:00
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You need to get out more.
2017-08-07 22:53
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2017-08-08 01:16
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Big Booty Judy
I think this guy likes Angela White..
2017-08-09 07:57
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What the fuck man
2017-08-10 12:30
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2017-11-23 20:37
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