Lorenia Learns Language Of Anal Gaping

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Directed by Rocco Siffredi
Description : Exquisite, young Russian princess Lorenia Lux doesn't like studying English, and that makes tutor Kai Taylor awfully angry. Sensing his frustration, Lorenia grinds her soft ass on his lap, seducing her teacher without words. She kneels to swallow Kai's huge cock, gagging on its length. He fucks her in every hole, expanding her asshole to wide gaping! Finally, creamy cum erupts into the beautiful student's hungry, sucking mouth.

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hi guys  ! pls do more mirror fucks .the girls hates it so much , but we love it ! :-) . thanks !
2017-12-05 13:29
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Could have been great, but the lighting is absolutely terrible.
2017-12-01 08:54
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Him again
You must NOT criticise any EA videos, for hear of upsetting anyone. Mind you, if you think the lighting used here is incorrect. Then please advise me what phone camera Nacho uses.
2017-12-03 16:04
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