Jynx's Butt Bulldozing Lubed With Spit

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Directed by Jonni Darkko
Description : Spirited superslut Jynx Maze wears fishnet lingerie and glamorous heels, talking dirty as Jonni Darkko probes her asshole with a dildo. Jynx sucks Jonni's prick, gagging and slobbering throughout, and gathering her nasty spit in a glass. When Jynx bends over, Jonni pours the messy saliva into her bunghole, to lubricate a buttfuck! She pries apart her shapely ass cheeks; as Jonni bulldozes her booty, she flaunts her farting, gaping sphincter. The sassy cutie gives tasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio and enjoys a creamy cum facial.

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i just want to smell her ass...i bet it smells like whore.  i want those farts on my cock while i fuck her in her ass too
2019-01-19 13:31
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Yesss, i'm back only for her...Jynx looks totally irresistible and this time more beautiful and hot than ever, love her black fishnets and high heels, she makes me cum so fuckin' hard...¡i need more of her!...
2018-05-30 11:42
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Jynx is born for deep throating and ass fucking. The whore obviously enjoys getting pounded in her shitter while talking dirty and making delicious noises when the cock is withdrawn. Ass and face fucking, gaping, farting, A2M, face loads; everything is there. Enjoy!!
2018-03-15 13:10
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Sweet farts...
2018-03-09 13:40
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Darkko never could get the lighting soft and even. A BLACK BUTTHOLE is not a gape. It only means he wasted the lady's time in bad lighting. All those reps and he ends up spreading a black hole. At least some of these are getting rid of the black dildos that soak up all the light around it in favor of a glass one.
2018-03-07 19:27
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Him again
I partially agree about Jynx. But I doubt  she will  ever become a 'diplomat'. Some would simply call her a naive negotiator. But some others would call it greedy or ruthless. She reminds me of MEA MELONE.
2018-03-07 13:42
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Jynx is a compact sex machine!  In my day (long ago) she would have cleaned my clock in about fifteen seconds!  Wow!  What a girl!  Great scene!
2018-03-07 09:03
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I love to cum for Jynx :-)
2018-03-05 22:08
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thank you
2018-02-24 13:31
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Love Jynx, she looks more beautiful and hot than ever...¡just perfect!
2018-02-18 19:22
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