I Am Angela, Ep. 4: Ciao Bella!

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From Movie: I Am Angela
Directed by Evil Chris
Description : In a pair up only Evil Angel could accomplish a porn superstar and a XXX legend meet for the very first time. AVN Performer of the Year Angela White and Hall of Famer Rocco Siffredi engage in unscripted and intense off-camera anal sex as scene director John Stagliano and documentary filmmaker Evil Chris attempt - and sometimes fail comically - to focus them on shooting a scene.

EPISODE 04: CIAO BELLA! opens with Angela approaching Evil Angel founder John Stagliano about her desire to shoot with the one and only Rocco Siffredi. During an international Skype call Rocco agrees to fly all the way from Budapest to Los Angeles to shoot with Angela. This is the first time Rocco has flown to America for just one scene. After 3 months of anticipation Rocco finally arrives and the two cannot keep their hands off each other. After a brief hello Rocco starts ruthlessly fucking Angela before the scene - completely ruining her makeup - while the crew begs them to stop. With no microphones on camera, the crew scrambles to capture footage while Stagliano resigns to recording the chaos on his phone. This is an unadulterated look at the unbridled drives of two sexual powerhouses.

The crew eventually manages to wrangle the performers and start the photoshoot. But it's not long before the pair are fucking again and viewer never quite knows when Rocco and Angela's off-camera escapade ends and the actual sex scene begins. The sex is raw, rough and authentic. This is Angela like you've never seen her before. Pushed to her limits yet taking everything in her stride.

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I knew this scene was going to be awesome. Two megastars of porn in one scene. Worth the view to say the very least.
2018-11-21 17:00
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Finally. 4k is here. Thanks.
2018-11-15 05:02
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About time that TRUE 4K resolution is on EA.FREE pornsites had 3840 resolution ages ago & is clearer than 1080.Wonder if EA does 60 FPS yet.
2018-12-02 09:45
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I think they're dyin off man all their major producers do their own thing now... or work with jules Jordan, all I see here is blowbangs with weird mopey dudes and euro scenes with too much latex lol
2019-01-23 16:43
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It's really fucking awesome.
2018-11-14 13:38
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Omg angela , loves it
2018-11-09 20:20
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This scene is fucking amazing from start to finish.
2018-11-09 14:44
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