I Am Angela, Ep. 3: Superstars

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I Am Angela

As a businesswoman and entrepreneur Angela White has always remained in control of her image and brand, which has also meant producing and owning most of her 'firsts'. Recognizing that Evil Angel has been at the forefront of mainstream trans content, Angela entrusts trans porn pioneer Joey Silvera to capture this very special encounter for I AM ANGELA.

In EPISODE 03: SUPERSTARS we share in Angela's anticipation and excitement leading up to her first trans experience. The episode begins with a call to Chanel Santini to discuss wardrobe and to negotiate sex acts. Once on set, Evil Chris is present to document Angela and Chanel as they speak candidly about the sex they enjoy while getting their hair and makeup done. 

In the second half of EPISODE 03: SUPERSTARS, we are treated to rare documentary footage of the now reclusive Joey Silvera who discusses what it means to him to shoot trans content. Despite being a legend in the adult industry, Silvera remains humble and unassuming. The photoshoot begins and just naturally flows into Angela giving Chanel a blowjob. The mood and chemistry are so perfect that the director simply turns the camera on rather than stopping to create a scene set-up. The sloppy blowjob and titfuck develop into impassioned and intimate sex. This is the sensual connection that both women wanted. The scene ends on a tender note with Chanel and Angela wrapped up in each others arms as they share in their joy over the encounter.

Directed by Evil Chris

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Seriously is all that pre-scene bullshit necessary!? Just get to the fucking!
2019-07-06 19:21
Well it is a porno movie meant to bring up the personality of angela white so it is perfect in that sence, perhaps is it you that is at the wrong place.
Do you ever find yourself in an Italian restaurant complaining that they do not serve Chinese food ? mmm interesting ... perhaps are you an idiot then ?
2019-08-16 17:23
Chanel Santini and Angela White together, I could not ask for more!  These two ladies are made for each other.  I am a fan of both of them.  Chanel has charm and good looks as well as that something special.  Angela, the Cisgender woman that is a wonderful ally to the Transgender community. I love her attitude and this film has made me a fan of her for not only her beautiful body but her mind too.  As a Transwoman, I applaud Chris and his work.  He is not only an artist but also a gift to many.
2018-11-30 00:17
hi    Angela White she do anal tranny in career?
2018-11-07 15:06
Two of the hottest ladies in the business. Jackpot! Great scene! Thanks for this!
2018-11-06 21:35
One of the only Ts girls alongside with Lena Kelly, that knows how to fuck a CIS woman. I love her! Wishing everyday I get the chance to suck her candy
2018-11-06 16:35
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