Honey's Slobbery Throat Fuck & Rim Job

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From Movie: Taste Of Honey
Directed by Jonni Darkko
Description : Mixed-race beauty Honey Gold loves teasing the camera in skimpy lingerie and sheer stockings. This tattooed, young stunner gags and slobbers all over a black double dong. Honey works director Jonni Darkko's stiff cock with her talented hands. She swallows his diamond-hard rod and drools hungrily on his balls; the nasty girl rims his asshole, makeup trashed by her own slobber. Jonni's dildo and dick fuck her throat, and he sprays his sticky load all over Honey's sweet face.

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Nice to see a decent grade and well-employed bokeh.
2018-08-23 22:18
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This is just awesome deep throating from hungry cock face fucker bitch Honey Gold. 38 minutes of cock banging, and not a minute to be missed. Just love this hungry slut eating and and getting stuffed with cock meat, gagged and choked endlessly, spit and slime pouring from her messy mouth. Totally degraded to a fuck toy whore to please men´s dirty minds!
2018-07-24 03:17
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HONEY! Literally, YOU oWn the porn industry, NOW.  Whatever you do, femdom, don't stop being you and don't stop just owning it girl. Cauze you GOT it. You got that thing. That IT. Whatever IT is, you just got it. You've been the NBT, and now that next best thing is in full flower. you outta see Femdom, with Honey Gold added to the mix of lettuce greens. She'll put it down and make all the white boys WORSHIP HER (literally) before they can even say "Yes, Mistress". Cause guess what. just like Brianna Bentley, Honey Gold is THE GODDESS too! "I'm yours to command GODDESS. may i start by massaging just your pinky toe for just today." "Yes, bitch-slave!! But did you first pay your tribute at the door of my one-of-a-kind SEX TEMPLE??!!??" Yes my Liege-Goddess. Command me. "AND! ...How much did you donate, slave?" My mistress...umm... my.my.my Goddess... I donated(?) $5,,,,   [$5 donation payable to the "HONEY GOLD GODDESS WORSHIP CENTER" 501-C-3 NOT-FOR-PROFIT CHARITY][and Honeey, you get to do with the money they (those idiot sex-freaks slave worshippers, ya basically get to use your money however the hell you want bcz it's your money now and not theirs bcz he just paid (donated) you $5 to be permitted by you to massage your pinky toe for one minute. and you decide when the one minute is up.  how much worship tribute to pay (donate) to SEE you topless for one minute IN your SEX TEMPLE 501-C-3 Charter? Is it fifty dollar donation, try $100. each person. maximum show for a peek in 20 persons. for one minute. $2000 money made in one minute. never mind how much to be actually hand jobbed by HONEY, Gold Goddess. $1000 by one hand, how much donation to YOUR charity (you control full rights and direction of your charity, as permitted by your selected Board of Directors (you're the GODDESS, not the President of the fund. how much for a two handed hand job by you? It's not for me, it 's not prostitution. It's worship. We viewers are all really screwed up! And you pornstars have known it for a long time. We're fuccked up. You pornstars have good, normal sex. And it's just gotten boring. but you and Brianna are the best new talent.
2018-02-04 08:24
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the scream
2018-07-04 16:53
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MORE. HD. PICTURES........!!!! Jonni has some of the best talent, with the most PALTRY photo sets.
2017-11-07 00:02
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