Gaping Sodomy & Enema Fun

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Directed by Bryan Gozzling
Description : Gorgeous, all-natural Aidra Fox matches with director Bryan Gozzling on an online hook-up site. With her perfect figure togged out in a skintight body suit, the sultry slut saunters up to his doorstep for a messy, tumultuous session of ass fucking. Aidra lies spread-eagled as Bryan stuffs her sphincter with toys. She deep-throats his dick, simultaneously squirting enema fluid into a bowl! The dominant director plunges her hungry asshole with reckless abandon, feeding Aidra ass-to-mouth cock and making her bunghole gape. He showers semen streams over her pretty, beaming face.

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Really liked the concept of this video.  Aidra is such a beautiful young model--gorgeous titties, great legs, pussy and butt:-)  Bryan has a nice long cock to get way up into Aidra's a--hole--thankfully his cock does not have as much girth as some stars.  Just wish that the male actors would not be quite as rough on these beautiful women.  They do not really need to man-handle them as much as they do oftentimes.  Just my opinion.
2019-01-11 17:34
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If he would just shut the duck up these videos would be perfect
2018-12-19 15:36
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@mk.jsph on twitter
This dude knows how to fuck my favorite pornstars!!!
2018-11-28 12:08
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2018-10-25 09:58
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Aidra is so gut-wrenching gorgeous, just thinking of her nearly breaks my heart. This scene with her is awesome!
2017-10-24 17:46
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