Eager Teen Marilyn's Gaping Anal Fuck

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From Movie: Eager For Anal
Directed by Le Wood
Description : Nineteen-year-old nymph Marilyn Mansion teases poolside, stripping off a brightly colored bikini as she flirts with the camera. Indoors, she meets director Mark Wood for a decadent anal drilling. The sassy tart slurps a lollipop, referring to Mark as 'Mr. Wood' while stuffing her sucker into her wet slit. She gives the veteran porn pro a slobbery blowjob, and he bends her over for a serious buttfuck. Fevered sodomy features sloppy ass-to-mouth fellatio and rude rectal gaping, climaxing as Marilyn swallows Mark's thick, creamy sperm.

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Smoking hot scene.  I think she has a fabulous body, great energy, and her enthusiasm to take anal, atm, and atp are excellent.  I hope to see more of her on EA.
2019-02-01 15:58
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I love this little slut..perfect pussy, beautiful tits, cute face..I could watch her all day. That hands free face fuck was hot as hell. Get her back here for more soon please.
2018-09-03 13:19
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Mark Wood is impossible to watch. His face and noises take EVERYTHING away from what is an otherwise great vid.
2018-08-28 21:08
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shes so cute
2018-07-16 02:34
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Sit Sen
Good girl. She takes it up her little pooper so well & politely cleans it off with her mouth. ^_^
2018-07-13 02:29
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Very hot
2018-07-09 19:34
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Great gaping means hot anal scene here.
2018-07-09 06:28
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after the facial mole the mind was like why Christianity? Because all its prophecies/predictions should be 100% correct - only the true God 
can do this. Eternal life is free and is gained by having faith in Jesus
when you die. We can't earn it by payments or by doing good works or by
following all laws however we still try  but loving one another 
fulfills all those laws.
2018-07-06 20:26
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What does this comment has to do with porno? Im not thinking about religion when im wanking to a pretty young girl getting cock in her ass.
2018-07-07 10:27
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I would like to demonstrate my universal love by planting a load in Marylin Mansion's sphincter.  Seriously, I hope we see a lot more of this sexy woman.
2018-07-08 12:57
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The moment I looked into this girl's butthole is the moment I saw the face of God.
2018-07-08 13:37
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Ha! Agreed. I would even go further and say Marilyn might just be a descendant of Aphrodite - the original GODDESS of SEX. Be that as it may, one thing's for sure: I would definitely worship HER ass! 
To user_2336100: Seriously? If so, may I suggest you kindly get off this site and find a church somewhere. Then pray seven "Hail Marys" for watching OUR porn. Tankuuu. And while you're at it, ask yourself this: Do we enter your house of prayer and start talkin shit about the beauty of anal sex? Duh. 
2018-07-10 17:09
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This girl looks like a cumming anal goddess
2018-07-05 13:09
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there he is, on the couch again.
2018-06-30 12:48
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