Black Squirter Noemie: Anal Domination

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Directed by Toni Ribas
Description : Young, black sweetheart Noemie Bilas has never squirted, so the tiny, all-natural minx begs dominant Latino 'Daddy' Toni Ribas to teach her. Cute Noemie obediently spreads her booty for the older man; he shoves his big boner into the little slut's juicy pussy and then penetrates her tight asshole. She kneels to worship his meat and balls with her mouth. Toni chokes and spits on Noemie. He ruthlessly fucks her holes and fingers her to multiple wet, gushing climaxes. Finally, he cums all over her pretty face.

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An excellent performance, well done Noemie!
2018-05-08 09:09
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She has one of the hottest bodies in porn! Yet at the beginning when they usually have sexy clothes on, you only show us ONE PIECE of it at a time!! You showed full shots of her in the pictures. Why do YOU CAMERA GUYS in porn have a "bias" about showing the girls body IN FULL FRAME?! Since you only show us one quarter of their bodies at a time, (at a "straight" porn site!) you should only charge one quarter of the price!!...and, for those who disagree, keep charging them full price! :)
2018-05-07 02:02
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The making out with herself in the mirror scene was HOT.
2018-05-06 19:11
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Nice love watching black girls get fucked in the ass wish you guys will do an all black women anal movie
2018-05-06 18:47
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We are over the whole squirt thing. We all know its just pee
2018-05-06 17:59
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great scene! Noemie is super sexy!  great facial as well!
2018-05-06 12:35
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would rather watch a dog with a shaved ass get fucked. WAIT, even a dog with a HAIRY ass get fucked.
2018-05-04 22:49
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Keep your biases to yourself clown.
2018-05-06 10:39
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Biases like what, would rather watch my dog get fucked, its a matter of opinion, not bias asshole
2018-05-06 19:00
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