Anal Deviant Leigh's Gaping Slam-Fuck

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From Movie: Anal Deviant
Directed by Le Wood
Description : Leigh Raven is a young, elaborately tattooed beauty with an outrageous, forked tongue! The adorable starlet teases poolside, sporting a shaved head, a revealing skirt and heels. Indoors, she submissively kneels for director Mark Wood, treating the hung stud to a lewd, shaft-slurping suck job. She uses her hand to gag herself when Mark slam-fucks her rectum. Leigh rims Mark's bunghole and slobbers as she sucks his thick prick ass-to-mouth. Leigh's sphincter gapes graphically through an intense anal pounding. Mark drains his balls over her gorgeous face.

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I LOVE this girl.  She has a full commitment to her life and craft...
2018-04-22 10:54
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The description calls her adorable? She looks like I'd catch an STD just being in the same room with her. Enough is enough I'm sick and tired of these gross out whores thinking they can extend their 5 minutes of porn fame by covering their bodies in ink, peircings and body mods then fake squirting by pissing three feet in the air and making their lower intestines fall out their assholes with wet farts. NO MORE!
2018-03-05 06:42
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Forgot to add. Yes I did notice the forked tongue and the shaved head but my main focus was her nice juicy ass and gaping asshole.
2018-03-04 21:56
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He might be an old geek but he gets the job done. Guess that's why his name is Wood. Who wants to see a buffed Adonis who can't keep it up?
2018-03-04 21:50
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WTF is with this woman, who wants to see to a woman with a bald head, split tongue, nasty tattoos & a farting rear end, who, judging from her looks, has serious mental issues. This will be my last month with EA if some quality isn't presented, Rocco Euro trash is also a bunch of retread material & boring.
2018-03-04 20:56
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Instantly lose my erection with this performer. I guess there are some that like horrible, vile tats, shaved head and split tongue; not me.
2018-03-04 14:26
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Are you serious? Get rid of this old geek with the red rash on the face.
2018-03-04 11:18
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Nice to get a few anal scenes worth watching after  a rash of Siffredi crowded scenes lately. Best anal scenes are one on one and now that Adriano is gone Lewood  has the best scenes on EB. Also if Mark or Francesca are reading this ,Alana Cruise is a hot totally natural Milf who is a relative newcomer, but  a top notch anal performer, I'd love to see in a future episode.. Leigh Raven is hot and a good gaper.
2018-03-04 04:59
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