Scottish Amber: Orgasmic 1st Anal Fuck

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From Movie: Butthole Bandits
Directed by Proxy Paige
Description : Friendly blonde Amber Deen is a dancer from Scotland. The petite cutie sports a cherry tattoo above her ass crack, but she's visibly excited to lose her backdoor cherry in her first anal scene! Amber twerks in pink lingerie, butt plug inserted. With dirty director Proxy Paige's encouragement, Amber shakes her ass like a stripper; her sphincter winks and farts! She gives Charlie Dean a lap dance and a blowjob with ball lapping and two-hand stroking. He eats her meaty, fur-topped twat and gives a rim job; she tastes her juice on his fingers. Pussy fucking makes her moan. Charlie's big prick fills her bunghole and pumps away. 'I fookin' love it in my ass!' says Amber. He alternates vaginal and anal reaming; she masturbates and cums, proud to take his entire dick. Her tight anus gapes and she sucks cock ass-to-mouth. Charlie sodomizes her to bliss. Amber jacks his cum into her mouth and plays with the sloppy mess.

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Sorry folks, but I love the close-ups.... ;-)
2018-12-30 15:17
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The camera is too close.
2018-11-25 08:57
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Why does she take the ears off????  Some people like that kind of thing.  Keep the ears on next time.
2018-11-23 23:58
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Her pussy is perfect. Work of art.
2018-11-12 19:14
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What a absolute beauty Amber Deen Is. Proxy Paige Is featuring stunning European models, my only main issue was to many close ups, the camera is so near you don't really get to see much of Amber Deen fully. Please have more scenes when you see the full body, apart from that, it was a awesome scene loved the anal.
2018-11-12 10:52
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