Amara: Submissive Anal Rag Doll POV

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Directed by Toni Ribas
Description : 'I'm a filthy, little fucking whore,' declares Amara Romani. The green-eyed, bikini-trim submissive talks filth through a POV scene as muscular, dominant Toni Ribas chokes, slaps and sodomizes her. She grovels on the floor, sucking his toes. Her eyes strain in a gagging, POV blow job. Toni shoves his stiff meat straight up her asshole and Amara humps back for maximum penetration. She cums as he porks pussy and masturbates through an orgasmic, rag-doll butt fuck. Toni contorts her to stuff four fingers in her cunt as his dick drills her rectum to gaping. Her bumping, spanked-pink ass fills the screen. Amara fits four fingers up her ass along with Toni's tool! She takes a severe, deep-throat, ass-to-mouth face fuck. Toni creams her face.


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Him again
For me this is possibly the WORST scene I have witnessed on Evil Angel. View it again & mute it's audio. Then focus on the girls eyes. She either takes drugs frequently.Or less than about twelve hours before this was filmed. I often visit or meet numerous female or male clients whose eyes are similar. Toni Ribas et al should NOT have filmed this.
2017-08-29 19:14
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I'd love choking the shit out of her
2017-08-21 23:42
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I usually like Amara but I agree with the other user - she was way over the top here and it seemed fake.  It also felt really cheap, like the other scenes on this dvd.  That Toni cheaped out by handling all the cameras (and sound) himself, limited wardrobe for the girls, no musical intros.  A lot of this scene wasn't even POV!  Unless we were able to hang upside down on the roof like Spiderman... or when Toni was in FULL frame!  POV?!  And no thanks to seeing his hairy feet so many times throughtout the scene.  Oh, and the cumshot finale with the camera missing most of it was great.
2017-08-16 17:08
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You know that she's over acting like hell out of her part in this scene. Just how badass can some guy be with an itty bitty dick of a 5th grader be ??
2017-08-14 12:47
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