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Born in November 1990, near Naples, Italy, this girl is a true, unadulterated Mediterranean blossom. Beside her attraction to other things, the love of the arts testifies her real Italian spirit - if you know what we mean. A resident writer for the MicroMega socio-political magazine, Valentina was a scholar and graduated from art school. She started out big in the adult modeling scene with her debut in �Rocco's Abondanza,� which was directed by no lesser person than Rocco Siffredi himself. Her career started to gain momentum from 2012 and on as she was nominated for several AVN and an XBIZ awards. Since then, she was featured in dozens of shows, quite often in the anal-gangbang genre. If you want to experience some real Italian temperament, Valentina is a must see.

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Great adult entertainment gem. Perfect natural body. She is a goddess. I always want to see her. She is charming.
2018-06-18 11:35
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I Love Valentina Nappi So Muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
2018-01-13 08:23
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