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Jillian, also known by Anna and Jillian Brookes, was born in May 1995, in Minneapolis, MN, and boasts mostly Celtic and Scandinavian ancestry. She got recruited into the adult industry first by doing webcam modeling in high school, and as it goes, she was discovered by an agent. Her first modeling production was published in the magazine “Barely Legal”. Not only her hardcore work, but maybe her lovely appearance as well showered her with awards. Spank Bank along with a dozen nominations awarded her the Prettiest Girl in Porn and Best Smile. As Jillian’s current situation stands, we cannot even imagine how far her career will take her, but it seems, nothing could stop her. Oh, and she also started feature dancing recently, so live performance is just around the corner!

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BTS-Anal Newbies
Directed by: Le Wood
Starring: Jillian Janson
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Jillian Janson is a goddess. She is so beautiful.
2017-09-29 03:22
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Jillian, your scenes with Mike Adriano are the best.  Skip most other directors in the future and continue working with him.  Others need to watch and learn from him, even veteran directors have a lot to learn.  The biggest lesson; focus on a woman's pleasure to make good scenes.  Understand what arouses her.  Focus on that, not the director's own weirdo kinks that the female performers are generally not into and most viewers are certainly not into.  Case in point; Mic Blue has a weird fascination with having girls try to say things with their sphincters while filming BTS.  Total turnoff for the women in most cases (they feign laughter while feeling humiliated at the childish antic), making the scene an immediate thumbs down.  Likewise, Manuel Ferrara seems to get a personal thrill out of slapping women in the face repeatedly and hard while they only try to give him hanjobs he requests.  The pained expression on their face indicates they only put up with it because it's a work, a paycheck, and they'll be able to escape his grasp in an hour.  Maybe some women enjoy it, but it's clear most don't -- a turnoff!  Joey Silveria, likes to put his hand on a female performer's shoulder and shake vigorously while filming as she's trying to perform -- turn off for the female, making the scene a turnoff for viewers.  Rocco Siffredi takes his rough style too far with many women, showing very little mercy -- big turnoff.  If male performers simply focused on what makes a woman feel good (every woman is different), the women will likely enjoy the scene more and viewers will like it as a result.  It's inexcusable for male directors or performers to be abusive or degrading to female performers when it's unwanted, or even push her limits.  James Deen is possibly the worst.  The guy has demonstrated repeatedly in his scenes, he's an insecure misogynist that gets off on hurting women physically, verbally and psychologically.  I'm glad Evil Angel stopped featuring any new work from him.  Hopefully the industry puts him on a no-list.  Some of his worst and most offensive and insecure verbal abuse toward women is unfortunately on Bangbros.  He's a pig and the other site is completely amateurish.  At least EA seems more professional and a few select directors are good toward women.  A director can have intense scenes while still focusing on a woman's pleasure or at least ensuring she's comfortable and won't walk away from the scene damaged.  For example; Jay Sin.  His scenes are intense, but still focus on the women being comfortable.  Outtakes from his scenes demonstrate this point.  I digress.  Jillian, you're an attractive woman with a great demeanor.  I feel you're at your best with Mike Adriano because he focuses on your pleasure.  I appreciate your work and also realize it isn't easy, so I hope you and other female performers are getting paid well.
2017-07-08 20:13
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