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Legendary director/performer Nacho Vidal began his erotic career at a young age, entering the porn world doing live sex shows. After many years away from the stage, the Spanish madman is again in action, lured back by the adrenaline of the audience and the electricity of public performance. Nacho's "Fucking Tour" is no ordinary smut flick - it's your VIP all-access pass to hidden areas of the sexual world where this animalistic superstar reigns supreme. At a porn convention in Madrid, Nacho brutally ravages Latina bombshell Franceska Jaimes in an intense marathon of athletic, sweaty, aggressive fucking, sucking, face-pounding and down and dirty butt-slamming... in front of thousands of awestruck fans! The insatiable director plows his enormous cock into a bevy of gorgeous Latina starlets in footage from the show as well as backstage, where he recruits these incredible sluts for semi-private pre-show orgies and public displays. After Nacho and Franceska have serially tested the girls' skills and perversion, they hit the arena of a massive nightclub, where they fuck like gladiators, giving their all for the crowd's excitement. To the steamy, thumping rhythm of a primitive house beat, fueled by champagne and sheer sexual instinct, Nacho viciously dominates his luscious cast before the eyes of a packed mob of horny voyeurs. From the intoxicating glamour of showbiz to the explicit passion of secret dressing-room encounters, Nacho's relentless energy satisfies all 12 beauties. Buy your ticket and take the "Fucking Tour" ... you may never want to return!

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