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Adult entertainment icon Rocco Siffredi ratchets up the rivalry between anal porn diva Malena Nazionale and emerging teenage star Martina Smeraldi: 'Rocco's 69 Dicks Gang Bang Challenge: Malena & Martina' matches the ravishing duo in an ambitious movie with a unique twist: The Italian stunners face off in a pair of decadent orgies, joining a legion of amateur fuckers hoping for full-time XXX industry stardom! Two marathon gangbang scenes -- plus revealing, in-depth conversations with Rocco's cast of fucking apprentices -- add up to a freewheeling melee of extreme sex. First, Rocco takes Malena and Martina by limousine to his plush mansion. The girls heat things up with a steamy lesbian show as 69 guys jerk off. A slobber-soaked circle suck escalates amid chaotic fun -- Malena and Martina take cocks in all holes, including intense double penetration! They give nasty, ass-to-mouth blowjobs, and they share sloppy, sperm-swapping kisses. Next, Rocco interviews the ladies in a room full of his understudies. Malena, Martina and several male co-stars open up about the prior experience. Following that intimate chat, Malena and Martina give their 69 lucky suitors another shot. The movie's second rowdy cluster fuck includes a teasing intro, a freaky free-for-all of pounding anal sodomy, and multiple, messy cum facials!

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