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Lisa Ann: Back 4 Even More Dvd Cover

Lisa Ann: Back 4 Even More

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  • Updated 2018-10-12
  • | 02:38:40
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A superstar MILF performer/director steps her pornographic renaissance up to anal adventures in 'Lisa Ann: Back 4 Even More.' The buxom, brown-eyed brunette begins each scene in stylish black eveningwear and/or an alluring lingerie ensemble. Lisa takes on well-dressed Rob Piper for an interracial date. As they French kiss, she wrestles his big black cock from his trousers and kneels for a worshipful blowjob. Rob eats her fur-topped pussy and rims her asshole. Lisa digs two French manicured fingers in her magenta cunt as he buttfucks her. Tattooed Mr. Pete fucks Lisa doggie-style, making her tan-lined tits sway. She requests a backdoor reaming and gets it, in multiple positions. Pete creams her fun bags. Lisa caresses Isiah Maxwell and guides his black boner into her butthole. 'Let me taste it,' says Lisa, who sucks dark dick ass-to-mouth. Isiah cums on her chin, lips and tits. Bespectacled Lisa unwraps a new set of glass toys, runs a hot bath and soaps up. She seductively dons stockings, heels and a form-fitting latex dress, and then applies makeup in anticipation of her date with Markus Dupree. Lisa takes an anal ride and a splashy cum facial. 'Lisa Ann: Back 4 Even More' is a single-disc DVD with behind-the-scenes footage, cumshot recap, cast list and filmography.


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I LOVE all whores, and while some are more beautiful, there is no doubt that Lisa has a stunning figure and wonderfully alluring sexuality... However, I do NOT like it when these girls are photoshopped within an inch of their lives!!  Leave the blemishes, scars and wrinkles for us to ponder and admire... We all know they are there... save yourself some money.
2019-05-09 18:30
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2018-11-26 11:54
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Wow, Lisa Ann is super hot. She has a killer body and adorable face. I wish every women was aging like this! Moreover, her taste and style for makeup, lingerie, outfits and footwear is exceptional. She poses so good, I'd like even more stills.Just one small wish--can she maybe completely shave her pussy for the next set or movie? It would be so much better to see this perfect body without any distractions.
2018-11-25 17:58
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I am so glad she is back..
2018-11-15 19:00
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Great glam whore, awesome hot introduction. What gorgeous silicon boobs and butt cheeks this MILF has, yammi! Get that large black cock up the bitch hungr shithole, yeah!
2018-10-17 10:29
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Thank you, Lisa!!
2018-10-15 10:17
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Yes, Lisa Ann's body is spectacular for her age. But the camera is unforgiving & highlights her flaws ie face & hands. Some of us now think she is steadily dismantling her well deserved reputation which is sad. Fame can be like a drug & we see that in numerous spheres of life; end of sermon.
2018-10-14 10:23
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Great to see Lisa Ann back doing anal. Looking forward to another hot scene with Adriano please.
2018-10-13 09:05
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Didn't realise Lisa Ann performed anal;lol. Nice EA 'filler'.
2018-10-12 12:22
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