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Women in their sexual prime can be insatiable, and director Toni Ribas probes the most exciting kind: 'Unfaithful MILFs' -- wives too freaky to be satisfied at home, so they get their thrills cheating with hung, young fuckers. Busty blonde Christie Stevens makes an interracial video with Ricky Johnson, to show her husband how to please her. His big black cock porks her to a blushing orgasm, and a doggie-style anal reaming makes her sweat. She worships his meat ass-to-mouth. Brown-eyed, stylish Sheena Ryder is jealous of a friend's tireless new beau. She almost gets caught seducing Van Wylde, practically in his girlfriend's face. He fucks her perky titties and licks her asshole (which her husband won't do). A manhandling buttfuck makes Sheena wail. Flashy, elaborately tattooed blonde Sarah Jessie calls handyman Alex Legend to fix her plumbing. Her juicy pussy lips stretch around his fat erection, and she phones her husband with thick semen on her BJ lips. Hard-bodied MILF Synthia Fixx's tired spouse tells her to masturbate, so the frustrated cheater texts Toni -- she wants him to fuck her in the marital bed, right by her slumbering old man. Toni's choking, slapping, spanking and screwing almost awaken the clueless cuckold.

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Could have been all anal...
2018-05-02 20:31
Him again
I simply wish EA would release the video's in maybe the same week. It's currently March 2018. Some of this video was released last month. But EA have decided to release the rest next month. No doubt EA will give us a so-called plausible reason. Some folk may even believe it.
2018-03-22 20:13
I know it's just porn -- but with the husband in the bed? Come... on!
2018-02-11 14:30
Yea, even by porn standards the idea for this scene is just plain bad and unrealistic.
2018-03-02 10:28
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