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ATTENTTION EvilAngel Web Master. Your site has an older Siffredi movie called 'Rocco Ravishes Czech Republic'.  Scene 4 of that movie is disturbing.  I encourage you to remove it due to its violent nature.  In that scene, Siffredi slaps a woman (Lelloy) on the right side of her face 29 times, and punches her in the stomach 4 times. Hard slaps and punches. This doesn't include the multiple hard slaps to her buttocks, a slap to the back of her head and neck choking.  At one point, he pinned her to a wall and choked her so much that her hand tapped his arm the same way an MMA fighter would tap out for mercy.  After he let go of her neck just before she almost passed out, he immediately slapped her in the face again.  Imagine how bruised she must have been the next day.  Although Siffredi did ask her if it was too much (about a minute after the slapping started), it's apparent based on the tone of his comments and the little she was able to say between slaps, her mind was saying it was too much, but her need to get paid for the scene was the likely reason she continued to endure the abuse. Consider it from one more perspective.  The woman appears to weigh approximately 120 lbs.  Siffredi looks like he weighed an estimated 190 lbs.  This puts his weight at 58% greater than hers.  Now, imagine if a guy who weighs 58% more than Siffredi, did to Siffredi, with 58% more force, what Siffredi did to this woman.  Siffredi would have been knocked out faster than most MMA fighters.  There's no reason for anyone in the adult industry to be treated this way for a paycheck, especially a woman.  If this scene was consensual, it does not appear to be.  Other customers can judge for themselves.  I suggest you to review the whole movie, especially scene 4, and consider removing it from your site.
2017-12-21 06:55
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We appreciate your feedback! We apologize if this production did not meet your expectations. However, your assertion that there was ignorance on the part of Evil Angel is not accurate. Evil Angel-style porn is all about pushing limits, while at the same time understanding and respecting each performer's individual boundaries. Consent is of the utmost importance to Evil Angel. In this case it was actually Lelloy who approached Rocco about performing in a uniquely hard scene. The scene was planned and produced specifically in this manner to satisfy the request of a model and to realize and present a specific fantasy. Thank you for your comment.
2017-12-22 14:03
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Eternal Sin
hahaha are you serious ? Evil Angel is clearly not for you, better go fap to softcore.
2018-01-09 01:45
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Him again
Am also grateful to view this video.But would prefer EA to advise us correctly.See scene one for info.
2017-12-21 03:16
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Him again
I wonder if this video was planned.
2017-12-19 17:10
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Glad this is finally on Evil Angel. Would the others videos with Kelly Stafford be on here in the coming weeks?
2017-12-19 00:48
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