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Manhandled #10

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Director Aiden Riley dubbed 'Manhandled 10' the 'Xander Corvus Edition' because it features the hard-ass stud's cock and true acting talent in every scene. Warning: This is not 'couples porn,' except for those into convincing simulations of sexual aggression! Xander reluctantly spends time with cute, little girlfriend Alex More. His verbal taunting, face slapping, cock whipping and spitting graduate to throat drilling, spanking and a full nelson fuck. Pretty, all-natural Sydney Cole inflames boyfriend Xander's jealousy by fucking a sugar daddy to pay their bills. He gives her a pre-date cunt cramming; she licks up his jism, which he's glad to leave for the paying customer! Auditioning actresses for a horror movie, obnoxious producer Xander demands to see Casey Calvert naked. He demonstrates choking, hair pulling and fish hooking. Anal reaming makes her delirious, but does not win her the part. Still furious over his girlfriend's whoring, Xander cheats with blonde Haley Reed. He sodomizes her till her gaping anus shows pink innards, and he cums in her eyes! The intense performances in this video look almost real.


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xander just is not a convincing dom \ rough sex performer. lately kink and evil angel have been using him in these roles and people just are not feeling it. also to feature the same MALE performer in every scene is a bit much.  straight porn has been and always will be about the starlet not the male talent. the male talent should blend in to the scene even in a dom role not be the focal point.
2017-12-27 01:11
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Meh... Every scene in a Manhandled series should be anal only. That's my fantasy, sorry, if others don't agree
2017-12-04 12:12
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I have all the Manhandled from #4 through this one.  I think the Manhandled series "jumped the shark" a while back and this is the worst of them.  If you want to have some fun, go back and check out #4 and especially the BTS segments.  There were four Behind the Scenes bits, but only three of them are available here.  Of course, Aiden runs his mouth and shifts the camera around so you may need some seasickness meds, but the Kristina Rose BTS (forty-two minutes) and the Ashli Orion BTS (sixty-four minutes) are fun to watch.  The one that's missing is only a few minutes and maybe that's why it was left off.  The video available here is 720 x 480 so it won't be a clear as the newer ones.


The thing that is really bad in this one is, in my opinion, Xander is just not a very compelling manhandler.  I like him; expecially when he doesn't have those dumb-looking studs and rings in his

lower lip.  But he does much better in the older brother roles often seen on some competing websites (with people like Keisha Grey and Leah Gotti). 


Number 9 was pretty bad also; so the series does seem to be headed downhill.

2017-11-15 07:52
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Aiden's stuff is more creepy than sexy
2017-11-15 01:58
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Him again
To Pengy.I appreciate your critiques & sometimes find myself agreeing with you. I don't know much about this director, as I think his films tarnish pornographies image.I never had any photographic training, but I can recognise 'trash' & this is a good example of it. Both this film & the film entitled 'PSYCHOTIC BEHAVIOR were released close together. Yet their final result illustrates a significant difference.   You may well disagree with me. Merely read peoples comments on it.
.Thanks Leo
2017-11-15 22:57
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Scene 3 Is Appropriate for today's social climate.  Is Xanders real last name Weinstein???
2017-11-14 05:08
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Him again
You decide.
2017-11-13 19:58
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