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Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 1 Dvd Cover

Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 1

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Director Bryan Gozzling's crude, social media-themed smut spotlights fresh-faced cuties and aggressive, male-dominant manhandling. In 'Hookup Hotshot: Sex Tapes Volume 1,' hot teens and petite waifs use online apps to connect with the millennial-style pornographer, and his camera captures their private dates. (No sets or scripts -- this is real-life sex!) Dolled up in a tight skirt and glittery make-up, thick, raven-haired Trina Rush meets Bryan. He fingers her to intense, squirting orgasms and treats Trina to a primal pussy pounding. Busty ebony babe Ariana Aimes sports a chic Afro hairstyle and lactating tits. The shameless slut enjoys a ruthless fuck and rims Bryan's bunghole; he squeezes her breast milk into her mouth! Adorable Kristen Scott finally gets her wish: Bryan's cock in her asshole. Their graphic flesh-meet features fierce anal reaming, ass-to-mouth fellatio and rude rectal gaping. Cute redhead Keegan Kade loves watching porn at home, and that usually leads her to browse dating sites for dick. She chats with Bryan, arranging a harsh cunt cramming. Keegan gushes girl juice, and he creams her face.


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Bryan is trying a new method patterned along the lines of Manuel's RAW and Rocco's One-On-One series where part of the scene is POV and other parts are using a prepositioned camera with no "cameraman."  Bryan's scene planning and blocking are obviously lacking (or, one might say, made "on the fly") and the result is awkward and not altogether pleasing.  In Trina Rush's scene, he fails to capitalize on the girl's obvious ability to repeatedly take the dick balls-deep and spit up whatever comes out.  He has her drink a mouthful of water, but does not pursue that line.  One advantage of the new approach is that the annoying incessant clicking of the "stills camera" is gone.  But the lack of planning shows up badly when he positions the girl and then places the camera and then moves the girl. 



I think the new method has merit and I'm sure Bryan will improve in his use of it.  Trina and Ariana are damned-sure cute enough!  I'll be interested to see where Bryan goes with this new style.

2018-01-22 08:26
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Him again
I sure know where BG should go. Apart from some minor cosmetic alteration. It seems to be same,same, same. He often stifles female performers talents. Suspect he does study feed back on his work.But as long as the $/£ continue to amass; I doubt he will alter.
2018-01-22 10:06
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Him again
A possible  pre-requiste for producing this garbage, is a reluctance to try something different. . All of his 'trailers' on this website seem identical. Especially his juvenile spitting antics.
2018-01-21 22:49
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