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'This is a very high budget adult film with extensive story/action sequences, exquisite wardrobe, and cutting edge, full length, very hard sex scenes. There are also several full on S&M scenes with very real action. These elements fit together in a dramatic mystery love story that takes our lead character Antonio (ROCCO SIFFREDI), an Italian fashion designer, on a wild sexual ride into the underground S&M scene. His guide is Helena (portrayed by real life dominant, TAYLOR ST. CLAIRE). His phantom obsession is Jesse (BELLADONNA, a woman with the most incredible sexual abilities I've ever seen). Shot on 35mm film, with the lighting and production elements of a mainstream motion picture, this is by far my most ambitious project. It is a highly charged erotic experience, not intended for the novice porno viewer.' -- John Stagliano

John Stagliano's glossy, groundbreaking film mixes the high production values of a mainstream movie with the most extreme sex he's ever shot! This amazing package includes tons of extra footage, behind-the-scenes coverage, director commentary, easter eggs and much, much more! 2003 AVN Award Winner: Best Film Best Director - Film: John Stagliano Best Actress - Film: Taylor St. Claire Best Supporting Actress - Film: Belladonna Best Tease Performance: Belladonna Best All-Girl Sex Scene - Film: The Fashionistas Best Anal Sex Scene - Film: Kate Frost & Rocco Siffredi Best Oral Sex Scene - Film: Belladonna & Rocco Siffredi Best Group Sex Scene - Film: Friday, Taylor St. Claire, Sharon Wild & Rocco Siffredi Best Editing - Film: Tricia Devereaux & John Stagliano 2003 XRCO Award Winner: Best Film Best Director Best Sex Scene 2004 AVN Award Winner: Best DVD.


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Indeed Masterpiece 90's golden age of porn
2018-11-25 18:49
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2018-11-14 15:25
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2018-10-18 00:23
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I think I saw some of this film in Germany about twenty years ago. Clarity has NOT improved either; disgraceful.Possibly re-code this, or return it to a museum; your call EA.
2018-10-13 05:41
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All the DVD encodes are poor on this site, even the more recent "remastered" ones. There is something wrong with all of them, aspect ratio, framerate, artifacts, interlacing etc.. Just look at this video, for example, it has not even been deinterlaced properly.
I appreciate that they are trying to revive some of the classics. But seriously I could myself do a much better job remastering/encoding even with just a DVD as source material. (presumably, Evil Angel has better source material than a DVD for at least some of their older movies).
2018-10-18 02:52
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I wholeheartedly agree with you.Unfortunately my technical knowledge is limited. I really don't understand why EA don't improve such issues. Maybe it's because many EA users couldn't care less.
2018-11-14 15:23
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