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Date added: 2012-02-24 Length: 00:25:43
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Created by: Bobbi Starr
Description : After a word association game, little blonde Jessie Cox is ready for a different kind of play - a nasty anal threesome with gorgeous brunette director Bobbi Starr and her pal Mr. Pete. First the couple molests the tattooed cutie in the bathroom, fingering her until Jessie's sphincter is loose and relaxed. Then Pete shoves his cock up the petite girl's soft butt. Jessie keeps her tongue busy, rimming Bobbi's butthole while being sodomized; Bobbi takes a hard ass reaming as well. The girls take turns sucking Pete's pecker clean. Finally, Jessie opens wide for a mouthful of creamy cum.

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Date added: 2012-02-24
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