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Born 1987

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Date added: 2012-02-09 Length: 00:14:29
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Created by: David Perry
Date added: 2012-02-08 Length: 00:40:48
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Created by: David Perry
Description : Larissa Dee's skimpy jailer's "uniform" of knee-high boots, police hat and nightstick shows off her tall, leggy form as she taunts three inmates. When her teasing leads them to jack their erections, Officer Larissa sucks the dicks right through the prison bars. She frees the dicks, wanting them up her ass. All three cons nail her asshole and she enjoys a hammer-fucking DP. For the climax, the wayward law woman kneels for three ejaculations and wallows in the jism that slathers her face, chest, shoulders and body. No telling if she gets the pricks back into their cell.
Date added: 2010-03-19 Length: 00:38:55
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Created by: John Leslie

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Date added: 2012-02-08
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Date added: 2010-03-19
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