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  • Number of videos: 3
  • 2012-05-01
  • 128311
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Date added: 2012-05-01 Length: 00:57:47
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Directed by: Belladonna
Description : Dressed in sheer nylons, high heels, dog leash and leather animal bondage mask, tattooed porn queen Belladonna hungers for cock. This all-natural beauty crawls submissively on the floor and gets dominated by New York stud Tony T. Tony rips open her pantyhose and lubricates her anus with spit. Upon ramming his fingers up her bunghole, he makes Bella lick them clean. Then he disciplines his kinky victim with breath control, choking, foot worship, brutal ass reaming and an intense throat fuck. Bella jacks his shaft with her bare soles, sucks his toes and takes his load in her open mouth.
Starring: Belladonna, Tony T
Date added: 2010-05-13 Length: 00:19:17
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Directed by: Belladonna
Description : Sporting long, unfurled braids that make her look like Princess Leia after a long night, horny Sasha Grey needs animalistic sex. She rolls out of bed and into the lap of the man-size teddy bear in her room. As she rubs her pussy on the bear's fur, a human erection emerges â€" this is not your average teddy, but Tony T inside a bear costume. His big bear's paw holds Sasha's head down for a choking, gasping deep-throat blow job. After working her mouth the bear goes straight for her asshole, then feeds her some ass-flavored cock. With his prick up her ass the beast carries masturbating, groaning Sasha, then works her butt doggie-style while spanking her with that bear paw. He jacks off, shooting cum on her forehead, face and lips. Do all girls enjoy their teddies this way?
Starring: Sasha Grey, Tony T
Date added: 2010-04-01 Length: 00:52:24
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Directed by: Jay Sin
Description : Scene 5

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