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  • Number of videos: 1
  • 2012-01-15
  • 4575
  • última actualización en: Buttwoman

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Date added: 2012-01-15 Length: 00:25:47
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Directed by: John Stagliano
Description : In classic, long-lost footage, Tianna (a.k.a. Buttwoman) livens things up at the porn company office by videotaping the shapely legs and asses of co-workers Heather Lere, K.C. Williams and Missy Warner. Wandering through the workplace with her camcorder, Buttwoman eagerly shoots video footage of their fine buttocks peeking out of skintight mini-dresses. Soon the entire group is lewdly masturbating at their desks, bending over for action. The gorgeous office sluts reach climax with probing fingers, toys and tongues in this anally obsessive mass lesbian lickfest.

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Date added: 2012-01-15
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Starring: Heather Lere, Tianna B