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Directed by Nacho Vidal
From Movie: Follow Me
En actuacion Isis Taylor, Nacho Vidal
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Description : Gorgeous Latina Isis Taylor may have a slender, sleek physique, but her incredibly soft, round ass is a work of art. The bikini-clad beauty performs a sultry tease around a stripper pole; soon, big-dicked director Nacho Vidal has Isis on her back, licking and fingering her tight pussy. Isis wraps her luscious lips around his enormous cock, then straddles Nacho and rides, her fine booty bouncing. The director pushes her facedown on the sofa, pressing her head into the cushions as he humps her doggie-style. After ferociously pounding Isis, Nacho spurts his load onto her jiggly butt cheeks.

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