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Date added: 2015-01-05 Length: 00:26:01
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Created by: Joey Silvera
Description : Buxom, fun loving Latina TS Andrezza Lyra cavorts in a full-body fishnet that shows off her total bubble butt, fabulous tattoo work and the thick meat her G-string can't contain. Voluptuous genetic girl Luana Azevedo wears a matching fishnet. The girls make out and mouth kiss. Luana strokes and blows Andrezza's fat prick; Andrezza tongues Luana's butthole. Andrezza fucks Luana's pussy doggie-style, with Luana's big ass bouncing as she rides. She masturbates as Andrezza's she-prick invades her backdoor, and Luana sucks dick ass-to-mouth. Luana stuffs a toy up Andrezza's bunghole and then feeds it to her. Andrezza strokes out creamy semen, plays with her vibrator in the spunk and licks the toy clean.
Date added: 2014-09-09 Length: 00:26:25
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Created by: Joey Silvera
Description : Flirty, femme TS Bianca Hills' panties bulge with meaty flesh. She massages her tan-lined tits and masturbates her uncut dick to thick hardness. Bianca mouths and mashes the suckable nipples of tattooed genetic female Luana Azevedo. The girls caress, Luana stroking Bianca's fat meat. Luana blows Bianca, deeply rims her bunghole and fucks it with a vibrator; both girls taste Bianca's anal flavor on the toy. Luana rides she-male cock, fingering her own asshole. Bianca butt-fucks her. As Luana screws Bianca's ass with a vibe and sucks tit, Bianca jacks a stream of semen onto her tanned tummy. And the girls share a breathless kiss.
Date added: 2013-03-09 Length: 00:37:24
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Created by: Joey Silvera
Description : Frisky Latina she-male Camila Klein dances around her hotel room wearing a fishnet top and short, plaid skirt. She's soon joined by tattooed, bodaciously round-assed biological girl Luana Azevedo, a kinky, raven-haired beauty with a forbidden taste for stiff she-cock. These Brazilian lovelies enjoy an afternoon of gender-bending fun as Luana worships her new friend's succulent tits and big boner; she rides Camila's raging dick, taking her transsexual friend all the way up her tight asshole. Luana drills Camila's asshole with toys and licks the TS cutie's greasy sphincter before kneeling for a messy sperm facial.
Date added: 2012-03-03 Length: 00:39:00
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Created by: Joey Silvera
Description : Soft, tattooed genetic girl Luana Azejedo wears a slutty PVC bikini and fishnet stockings. This Brazilian beauty spreads her thighs and masturbates with a pink vibrator; soon she's joined by stunning Latina she-male Cassia De Carvalho and her male partner, Alex Victor, for a nasty, sensuous three-way. Cassia shoves her stiff trannie tool into Luana's sweet cunt and asshole. Luana is even sandwiched between the gender-bending couple, who double-penetrate her pussy! After the lovely girl reams Cassia's ass using a huge strap-on, the sultry she-male gives Luana a cum facial and takes Alex's load on her big, glistening tits.

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Date added: 2015-01-05
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Date added: 2014-09-09
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Date added: 2013-03-09
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Date added: 2012-03-03
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