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Date added: 2013-03-26 Length: 00:28:35
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Created by: Joey Silvera
Description : Two sexy sweethearts, cuddly teen Jessie Andrews and long, skinny beauty Lily Carter, do a little teasing, stripping and kissing for the camera. Porn stallion Claudio shows up, and the girls take turns massaging his shaft with their throat muscles. Jessie and Lily keep up the salivating, gagging, deep-sucking and ball licking until they've tasted every inch of Claudio's dick, and Jessie's face is running with mascara. Cherubic Jessie gets plastered with a sperm facial and Lily helps her eat the leftover goop.
Date added: 2012-08-20 Length: 00:23:18
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Created by: Jonni Darkko
Description : Incredible dicksucking beauty Lily Carter is an all-natural porn slut who loves nothing better than to wrap her pretty lips around a big, throbbing cock and service the schlong until it spurts a shower of gooey semen all over her lovely face. This slender model kneels on the carpet, opens wide for Winston Burbank's huge prick and works up and down his enormous schlong in a sensuous POV-style blow job. Lily worships his ball sack and gags on Winston's thick shaft, taking it all the way to the back of her throat... until it erupts with a creamy cum facial.
Date added: 2012-04-27 Length: 00:17:19
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Created by: Mike Adriano
Description : Slender, lovely brunette Lily Carter is in the mood for a slurpy blow job. That's why she visits some horny cock - this adorable slut wants to service his big dick and feel his meat sliding down her throat! Lily bends over; the stud spreads her soft butt cheeks and thrusts his tongue inside her tender anus, then eats her sweet pussy. The all-natural beauty wraps her lips around his prick; she gags and sucks his scrotum as drool drips down her chin. Lily's spit-slathered cocksucking session lasts until he spurts a load of cum into her deserving mouth.
Date added: 2012-04-13 Length: 00:54:35
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Created by: Mike Adriano
Description : It's ass-fucking time - and stunning, slender brunette Lily Carter is ready to open her sweet bunghole for the Performer's dick. This pale, all-natural beauty removes her jeans and lets stud shove his tongue deep into her soft ass. He greases up her backdoor and plunges his meat into her, pumping Lily's rectum until it gapes widely. The horny guy stretches her sphincter with a speculum, then continues reaming Lily's anus and making the submissive slut suck cock ass-to-mouth. Finally, the gorgeous girl opens her mouth wide and swallows a hot dose of sperm.
Date added: 2012-03-19 Length: 00:44:05
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Created by: Kevin Moore
Description : When reddish-brunette cutie Lily Carter discovers director Kevin Moore going through her lingerie drawer, the giggly slut realizes he's got a thing for spandex! Lily toys with the perverted director, indulging his fetish with an impromptu fashion show ... and taking frequent breaks to kneel and suck his stiff cock while Kevin films her POV-style. Lily gives him a hard-core lap dance, packs her bouncy buns into various pairs of colorful elastic leggings and rips them open at the crotch while grinding on Kevin's dick. After fucking her from behind, the director splatters Lily's spandexed ass with cum.
Date added: 2011-05-11 Length: 00:43:18
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Created by: John Leslie

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Date added: 2013-02-26
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Date added: 2012-11-30
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Date added: 2012-06-18
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Date added: 2012-06-02
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Date added: 2012-03-19
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Date added: 2011-05-11
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