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Date added: 2013-01-02 Length: 00:33:21
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Created by: Rocco Siffredi
Description : Big-assed British bimbo Emma Butt is playing pool with director Rocco Siffredi... but stops the game, using her monster mammaries and talented mouth to pleasure Rocco's enormous cock. After a high-speed buggy ride with her fleshy partner, pale beauty Shione Cooper, Emma finds the birthday cake meant for black stud Kid Jamaica splattered all over Shione's huge, all-real bazooms. No matter! These incredibly voluptuous sluts treat Jamaica to a nasty private party, with titty fucking, rimming, deep-throat blow jobs and passionate fucking. Climaxing the hot interracial threesome, both sexy ladies' gigantic knockers are decorated with sticky sperm.

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Date added: 2013-01-02
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