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  • Updated 2013-03-31
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Alex Knight, Dana Vespoli, Danny Wylde, James Deen, Karlie Montana, Mark Davis

Anal, Ass to mouth, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Cumshot, Cunilingus, Deepthroat, Double Blowjob, Double Penetration

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For her third production as an Evil Angel director, veteran performer Dana Vespoli stars in "Descent," a feature-length, hard-core psychological mystery that spins a spooky yet erotic tale of a gorgeous housewife's spiral into madness. With her husband out of town, Dana is shocked to receive an anonymous disc, which reveals that someone has been trespassing in her home, even spying on her in her sleep. Seeking help and distraction from various characters - a pair of strange detectives (Danny Wylde and Alec Knight), a handsome yet erratic artist (James Deen), a beautiful and spectral redhead (Karlie Montana) and a cold, intense and unpredictable therapist (Mark Davis) - Dana experiences one depraved sexual encounter after another, unable to tell which is a dream, what's hallucination... and who is a genuine threat. Lost in her own subconscious, her marriage in jeopardy, the beautiful woman struggles to put the pieces of her life in place and make sense of her taboo compulsions before the horrifying truth is uncovered. This mature director has created a fragmentary but alluring world of twisted dominance and submission, putting her nasty, passion-filled porn scenes within the context of a coherent story that sucks the viewer into the maelstrom of her character's broken mind. Filled with intense, hard-core anal debauchery (including some of the roughest fuck scenes the sexy performer has ever committed to video) against a backdrop of chilling psychodrama, Dana Vespoli's "Descent" reveals what terrible secrets lie in the dark.

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Scenes from Descent

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Date added: 2013-03-31 Length: 00:32:04
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Description : Beautiful housewife Dana Vespoli calls the police after a break-in. Two detectives come to her door; at first they seem solicitous and helpful, but both cops begin asking inappropriate questions, leering and removing her clothes. Soon they're shoving their huge cocks down Dana's throat while she gags and drools. She gets on all fours and the filthy cops ram her wet pussy and tight anus. They double-penetrate Dana, and even stuff two massive cocks up her ass at once, stretching her hole to the double-anal limit! The pigs leave Dana stunned, her pretty face showered in splooge.
Date added: 2013-04-01 Length: 00:55:18
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Description : Dana Vespoli, as a sexy brunette running an art gallery, visits the home of handsome, young artist James Deen to discuss an upcoming show. But Deen acts standoffish and strange; before long he's removing Dana's leather jacket and fondling her tattooed, all-natural body in some bizarre creative ritual. He releases his big dick and Dana submissively blows him before getting on all fours for a rude doggie-style fuck. Deen pushes his throbbing pole up her soft, cushiony butt, then makes her suck cock ass-to-mouth. After a rough rectal reaming, Dana opens her pretty mouth for his hot cum.
Date added: 2013-04-02 Length: 00:37:31
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Description : Beautiful housewife Dana Vespoli comes home and enters an erotically charged hallucinatory state. Following a strange vision of her husband, she walks into her bathroom to find gorgeous redhead Karlie Montana floating in the bathtub. Karlie immediately starts stripping off Dana's clothes, and the two women sink into the tub for some hot, wet lesbian lovemaking. Dana buries her face in the all-natural vixen's huge ass and sucks on Karlie's manicured toes before joining her in the bedroom for an orgasmic session of tender, passionate pussy licking and mouth kissing.
Date added: 2013-04-03 Length: 00:36:57
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Description : Worried about the bizarre erotic dreams she's been having, beautiful housewife Dana Vespoli seeks help from therapist Mark Davis. To her shock, he grabs her by the throat, brutally choking her and kissing her while pinning her body to the couch. He cruelly probes her tight anus, slaps Dana's face and makes her suck his fingers ass-to-mouth. Soon he's gagging her throat with his fat cock and viciously fucking her asshole, stretching her anus to a nasty gape. Dana rides the therapist's raging prick and lets him devour her tender toes until he cums into her hungry mouth.