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Date added: 2012-07-10 Length: 00:40:22
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Directed by: Timo Hardy
Starring: Linda J, Clar, Timo Hardy
Date added: 2012-03-25 Length: 00:50:35
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Directed by: Omar Galanti
Description : Dressed in a skintight white spandex body stocking, dark-haired model Clar entices director Omar Galanti. Omar coats the foxy bitch's tits and crotch with baby oil, making her clothes transparent and shiny. Clar shoves a giant black dildo into her meaty cunt, then bares her ass and rectally plunges herself until her anus gapes widely. The director films her POV-style while the gorgeous slut kneels and sucks his huge, uncut cock. He fills her loose butthole with his meat and strokes his shaft as Clar obediently licks his balls. Young Clar is left with a creamy mouthful of hot cum.
Starring: Clar, Omar Galanti

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Date added: 2012-08-23
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Starring: Linda J, Clar
Date added: 2012-03-25
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Starring: Clar